Aug 11, 2017

Organized by Barry Macchione

Repost by Larry L Mabson


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Hit by a drunk driver while on his Harley! On March 5, 2017 at approximately 10 P.M., Loren (Lonnie) Thornton was hit by a drunk driver while coming home from a Florida West Coast business seminar. While traveling on his Harley Davidson East on SR16, an oncoming vehicle shifted lanes while approaching an intersection, there were no signals at this intersection and no reason to believe the oncoming vehicle had intent of turning. Once into the intersection, with no warning at all, Lonnie realized headlights immediately at his left side and he was instantly struck broadside by a drunk driver who registered 3 times the legal limit. Other people stopped to assist Lonnie, emergency personnel arrived and transported Lonnie to the hospital where he underwent many hours of surgery, spent two weeks in the hospital followed by 10 days of inpatient rehabilitation and was incapacitated and confined to a wheelchair. He has daily outpatient rehabilitation requirements which are painful and ongoing after suffering 4 fractures to his left leg, a fractured sternum, massive torn ligaments, a subdural hematoma and multiple contusions and abrasions.

Many of you know Lonnie, he is in his 60’s and lives his life clean, does not drink alcohol, physically trains regularly and he was in incredible physical condition prior to this tragic accident. As usual, the drunk driver had no insurance and no way to be held financially accountable for his actions. Lonnie is a Chiropractor and has been out of work ever since this tragic accident and struggles to support himself and is not expected to be able to return to work for an unforeseen time in the future. His life has forever changed and his medical bills, home expenses, etc. are expected to far exceed the $100,000 mark.

Those who know Lonnie know not only the services he has offered to many as a chiropractor but also as a karate practitioner since the 1970’s -- following the footsteps of his deceased father, Dr. Thornton.

Lonnie will be faced with a very long recovery time and rehab and any and all donations will go to his medical recovery expenses:

• Mounting medical bills and living expenses.

• Incapacitated to be mobile to and from rehab.

• Incapable of working and has no other income for support.

• Loss of transportation.

• Loss of Chiropractic business and patients.

If you know someone who has been hit by a drunk driver, you know how life changing and detrimental it is to the victim’s life. No one deserves these tragic accidents as drunk drivers continue to destroy innocent lives! Please send your support to Lonnie! Any amount of donation will be greatly helpful.

Thank you all for your heart felt prayers and consideration!

Donate to gofundme by clicking here!